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Unlimited Data Daily Packages

These data packages are not available when a user is located in their home country (where they have access to the local network of their home mobile network operator) and can only be used while abroad. We have structured our Unlimited Data packages to offer the best service to our customers while maintaining a fair level of access to our partners’ network for all customers. Our data packages operate at 4G LTE and 3G speeds. We reserve the right to adjust the speed at which individual users access data based on the average usage across our network to prevent fraud and abuse of our subscriptions by a small number of users. Generally, we place no limitations on accounts drawing less than 250 MB per day. However, we reserve the right to scale access speed for individual accounts down to 2G (128 kbps) speeds once the user’s daily usage significantly exceeds the average on our network or begins to impact the ability of other customers to access data services. While we strive to only limit usage in rare cases, we must ensure fair access to the network for all customers. If we elect to limit a user’s data speeds, we will do so only until the end of the applicable billing cycle (24-hour period for daily plans) and the user is welcome to purchase another plan in the next billing cycle that will not be limited unless the same usage pattern is detected. In the extremely rare situation where we are required to terminate a user’s service by our partner network, we will attempt to provide access to our services through a different partner’s network, but cannot guarantee our ability to do so. If we are forced to terminate a user’s service, no further charges will be billed to the account until service resumes.

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