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How Do I Access Data On My Android Tablet After I've Arrived Abroad?

Watch the step-by-step setup video for setting up your data while abroad:

To access your KnowRoaming data on your tablet, first ensure you're on KnowRoaming Active. Check the notification bar on your home screen. If, for some reason, the automatic switch did not occur, perform a manual switch:

Go to your SIM Toolkit app > Manual Switch > select the first letter of the country, then the country name. Wait a couple minutes for the device to connect to the Network.

Setup your KnowRoaming Data

To setup your data in order to access internet, email and apps, please follow these steps after you arrive abroad. (Please note, these steps can also be completed immediately before you leave for your trip, if you prefer.)

  • Go to Settings > More > Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  • Then select + to add a new APN
  • In both the APN and Name fields type in knowroaming (all one word, all lowercase) and leave all other fields blank
  • Then save and go back and ensure the KnowRoaming APN is selected
  • Go back to Settings > More > Network > Mobile Networks and ensure that Data Roaming is turned ON

Now you're all data is setup and you're ready to use KnowRoaming abroad with your Android tablet!

When you Return Home:

After you return home, your home SIM data will automatically be restored.

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