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How do I use iMessage while on KnowRoaming?

To use iMessage while on the KnowRoaming network, please enable your iMessage account with your email address.

Click to watch video tutorial for using iMessage while on KnowRoaming

To enable iMessage with your email, follow these steps:

) Go to your: iPhone Settings > Messages > make sure ‘iMessage’ is turned ON > go to ‘Send & Receive’ > un-check your number (if possible) > then make sure your email address is checked for both sections > Restart phone. After restarting, if you get a prompt about iMessage Activating SMS, please always select Cancel.
- Now you can send and receive iMessages abroad using your email address.
- Even when the iPhone displays 'Waiting for Activation’, iMessage may actually have already activated and you can send iMessages.

) After you return home, go back to your: iPhone Settings > Messages toggle ‘iMessage’ OFF and ON > go to ‘Send & Receive’ > wait 1 min for the info to refresh, and then make sure your phone number is checked again.

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