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Prepaid Services

Our pay-as-you-go prepaid services are offered on a usage basis, where we deduct the price of the service used on a per-unit basis from the customer’s credit balance. For voice services, we bill on a per-minute increment (rounded up). For SMS transmission, we bill on a per-SMS basis, while offering free incoming SMS in all countries. For data service, we bill on a per-megabyte basis (rounded up). We place no limitations or minimums on the amount of voice, SMS and data that our customers consume, and strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service by providing access to the reliable mobile networks of our partners across the world. As long as an account is in good standing with at least $5 (USD) in credit, we will not place limitations on the user’s ability to access our network. Should an account’s credit balance fall below this threshold, we may limit access to data services until the account is topped up. The ability to top up (add) credit to an account will always be enabled through our mobile app or website. In the unlikely event where we are required to terminate a user’s service by our partner network, we will attempt to provide access to our services through a different partner’s network, but cannot guarantee our ability to do so. If we are forced to terminate a user’s service, no further charges will be billed to the account until service resumes.

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