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Back Home

'Back Home' is the third and final phase of your trip - it's designed to guide you through returning your device to it's home service.

As you can see the Roaming Status Bar now displays that you're in the 'Back Home' phase of your trip and prompts you through the necessary steps.
On the top, you can see you're now back on your Home Network.

iPhone Only: The last step is to re-activate data services with your home provider. Tap the yellow icon and follow the prompts to install the data profile. Once you've installed the profile, you'll be able to use your home carrier's data services again and you're all done! 

Android Only: Your phone will automatically switch back to your home carrier’s data APN. If for any reason it doesn’t, tap the data icon and follow the prompts.

You've completed the Back Home phase! You can now use all your home voice, text, and data services.
You'll notice you're now back to the 'At Home' phase - you're ready for your next trip abroad!

* iMessage users can revert their preferred method of contact from e-mail to their home phone number. Go to your Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > un-check your e-mail and check your home phone number. 


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