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Before you Leave

'At Home' is the first phase of your trip - it's designed to get you ready for your travels abroad!


This is the Roaming Status Bar - it displays what phase of your trip you're in and guides you through the necessary steps during that phase.

At the top, you can see which network you're currently using. This helps you ensure you're using your Home Network while at home and your KnowRoaming Network while abroad.

KnowRoaming is a prepaid service and requires credit to use voice and data services. Tap on Load Account and follow the prompts to add credit to your account.


ReachMe is an optional service that allows you to receive incoming calls to your home mobile number while abroad. Tap the yellow icon and follow the prompts to subscribe to ReachMe.

*ReachMe Service is only available for the KnowRoaming Global SIM Sticker.

Now you're all set to travel abroad! Remember to return to the KnowRoaming app when you arrive abroad to complete the 'Abroad' phase of your trip.

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