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How do I setup data when I'm using KnowRoaming abroad?

To access Data once connected to KnowRoaming abroad, you will need to setup the KnowRoaming Data Profile and then enable the "Data Roaming" setting on your device.

First, ensure that Data is offered in the country you are traveling in. Go to the KnowRoaming App > Rates section or visit  to check if there is a rate for Data. If N/A is listed then no data is offered.

To setup your Data connection, follow these steps:



When you Arrive Abroad:

1. Open the KnowRoaming app to the home screen and select the 'Setup KnowRoaming Profile' icon and follow the steps in the app to install the KnowRoaming Profile. (Install All Prompts)

*On iOS 12.2 or later, in Settings, you’ll see the message "Profile Downloaded". To install the profile, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Profile Downloaded.
  3. Tap Install in the upper-right corner, then follow the onscreen instructions.

2. Once you've installed the profile, make sure to turn Data Roaming ON in your iPhone Settings. (iPhone Settings > Cellular or Mobile Data > Cellular or Mobile Data Options > Data Roaming > turn On > turn Off WiFi to test)

When you Return Home:

After you return home, you will need to setup your home data connection in order to access your Home SIM internet. To do this, open the KnowRoaming App and select 'Setup Data' and follow the prompts to install.

Next, go back to iPhone Settings > Cellular (or Mobile Data) > Cellular (or Mobile Data) Options > Data Roaming > turn OFF


When you Arrive Abroad:

Open the KnowRoaming app to the home screen and select the 'Setup Data' icon and follow the steps in the app to configure your APN Settings

1. Go to your phone settings > (More) > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

2. Select the + to add a new APN

3. In the Name and APN field, type in knowroaming (lowercase, one word) and leave the other fields blank. Then save the new APN and go back and select it (ensuring the knowroaming APN has the dot filled in next to it.)

4. Then go back to Settings > (More) > Mobile Networks > ensure that Data Roaming is enabled.

When you Return Home:

No steps are required to enable your home data profile. You will be able to immediately access data after you connect back to your home SIM.

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