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I'm at home but unable to receive calls to my home mobile number

*This article is only compatible with the KnowRoaming Global SIM Sticker.

If you have activated your ReachMe service through the KnowRoaming app, then you will switch back to receiving calls as normal when returning home from a trip, there are no additional steps to follow.

If you set up your call forwarding manually to receive your home mobile calls abroad, you will need to disable call forwarding upon your return.

Please follow these steps to disable call forwarding:


  1. Go to your Settings > Phone > Call forwarding
  2. Turn Call Forwarding OFF

  1. Open the phone dialer
  2. Dial #21# and send
  3. This will force Call forwarding to disable


Windows Mobile

  1. Go to Phone
  2. Select the menu button > then settings
  3. Turn Call Forwarding Off

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