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The KnowRoaming Applicator

1. Remove tab A and place your SIM card in the cavity (gold side facing down & edges aligned.)

  • For a NANO SIM: place directly in the light blue cavity.
  • For a MICRO SIM: remove the light blue adapter and place in the dark blue cavity.
  • For a MINI SIM (or full-sized SIM): remove the dark blue adapter and place in the silver cavity.

For MICRO and MINI, reassemble the applicator with the adapter(s) before Step 2

2. Take the white push plug and push it on top of your SIM card. Hold the plug down firmly for at least 20 seconds.

3. Remove adhesive B from the back of the applicator. Then carefully remove your SIM card and sticker from adhesive B.

4. Now the KnowRoaming sticker is attached to your SIM card. Place the SIM card back into your phone and restart your phone.

*5. PIN (*for some Android phones only): If you receive a prompt to enter a PIN when you insert the sticker back into your phone, please enter 0000. If you already have a SIM PIN you will need to enter that number. Enter this code every time you restart your phone.

The KnowRoaming Smart Sticker cannot be reapplied. If you experience any issues when applying your Sticker, please contact our support team before removing your sticker: or 1-888-357-7347