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Will Pokémon Go work with KnowRoaming?

Are you considering catching some Pokémon on your next trip? Before pulling out your Poké Ball, please read the following…

Due to recent updates from Niantic, the Pokémon Go app no longer allows our customers to log in to
their Pokémon Go account while using KnowRoaming data services. The reason for this is that our data
services require a different method of routing. This difference in routing, along with Niantic’s increase in
security against game bots (which try to fake GPS coordinates), is what has caused the Pokémon Go app
to no longer work with KnowRoaming data services.
Since the user authentication is processed through Niantic there is nothing we can do on our end to
allow our customers to use the Pokémon Go app with our data services. We are sorry for this

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